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We’re all About Coffee, Community, Environment, and Reinvestment


Who visits the Good Beans Cafe? Everyone! It can’t be said any simpler. Located in Historic Carriage Town, The GBC is centrally located to serve the Downtown community, residents, and local university crowds. Many students from Kettering and UM-Flint visit the GBC for not only its great drinks and programming, but for study time and hanging-out with friends. Local community and national organizations frequently hold meetings at the Cafe for the same reasons! The GBC Anteroom is the home for awesome Flint City Theatre performances. The Good Beans Cafe is a pillar of the community and a focal point for the community.

Constantly Supporting the Community, the Culture, and the Arts.

We offer an inviting space for hanging out with friends, live entertainment, private party rentals, seminars, lectures, as well as late night study sessions for students, and special events.

Our understanding of our community’s desire to want positive impacting businesses will help set a model for future positive movement in the ongoing revitalization of Historic Carriage Town.

The Local Cafe Experience.

Why should you visit the Good Beans Cafe? There’s no reason not to! Our wonderful blends of imported coffees will tempt your senses; our other drinks will satisfy any craving you have! Once you try our drinks, you’ll be hooked. There simply isn’t any other coffee house worth going to in Flint. The Good Beans Cafe has it all: flavor, freshness, innovation, life, style, community reinvestment, caring, and purpose — to make your visit totally enjoyable.

About – Ken Van Wagoner

Ken Van Wagoner

Ken Van Wagoner is a born and raised Flintstone who, after spending time away from the area attending Central Michigan University, returned to open Good Beans Café in 2000. His 18 years of running the café has made it an enduring hub in Carriage Town for locals – a welcoming meeting place and performance venue. In his free time, Ken can be found rooting on the Flint Tropics, playing pick-up basketball, or spending time with family and friends.

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