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Join in the Stephen Landon Memorial Bike Ride this Saturday, September 26, 2015, from 10:30am-12:30pm (registration 10am). This 5-mile bike ride along the Flint River Trail starts and ends at The Good Beans Cafe. All proceeds benefit the Stephen Landon Memorial Scholarship. Helmets and Bikes are available from the UM-Flint Rec. Center. Email StephenLandonBikeRide@gmail.com for info. University of Michigan-Flint Walk and Bike Work Group Genesee Wanderers Bicycle Club University of Michigan-Flint Recreation Center University of Michigan-Flint University of Michigan-Flint Club Sports UM-Flint School of Management Student Government at The University of Michigan-Flint UM-Flint Department of Public Health & Health Sciences University of Michigan-Flint School of Education and Human Services

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For the last 18 months, Andy Chamberlain has been working to bring a Jimmy John's to the neighborhood just west of downtown Flint.

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I have seen more change in Carriage Town in the last four years than I have seen in the 21 years I have been here. I attribute most of that change to the contribution of resources from Kettering University. Once very insulated from the community, Kettering University is now a driving force behind several initiatives that embrace their extended campus and create a better environment for all. Atwood Stadium is just one example; and it is beyond stellar. Although a bittersweet sale for some, the transfer of ownership from the City of Flint to Kettering University could have very well been the lifeline Atwood Stadium needed to preserve Historic significance and maintain stabilization. From what was sure to be demolition, Kettering University has saved and returned Atwood Stadium to a once again viable, first class, sports arena offering local high schools and others the chance to utilize this venue for the intent of its design: The Peoples' Park. Thank You Kettering University and all the players that have recaptured the vision of William A. Atwoods daughter, Helen Atwood when in her dedication speech of June 8, 1929 she said "Into your hands I commit this choice gift, made for happiness. Administer it well, so that it shall ever be known as the playground of the people". My name is Ken Van Wagoner and this is my Carriage Town. ...

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